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    Our Signature Eyelash Perming

    Treat your eyes to longer looking lashes to compliment your beautiful face with Amy Beauty-Link’s Eyelash Extension. For 60 minutes, let their eyelash expert work her nimble fingers to strategically lay down single and bunched synthetic strands to give you longer and fuller looking eyelashes that last as long as the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes...

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    Our Signature 3D Eyebrow Embroidery

    3D eyebrow embroidery is highly recommended for its natural look. The reason that it looks natural is because it is being embroidered stroke by stroke onto the skin at your eyebrow region. It creates illusion of strokes of hair making it look more natural. Shorter strokes are used and the strokes follow the natural grain of your eyebrows, making the embroidery...

  • SAM_0282

    Tricia Hwam

    I am way beyond pleased with the result! Looks super natural and now I don't even draw my brows when I go out. Saves me ALOT of time! – Tricia Hwam

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  • SAM_0416

    Sophia Chong

    Doing 3D brows is really one of the best decisions I've made in 2013. YAY TO EVEN NICER BROWS. I used to get comments like "why your eyebrow so sparse" when I was younger, and now I get so many good feedback that I have...

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